Culture Days

Every Tuesday in July we are especially active.The entire area comes alive, and some 30 villagers proudly display the entire area to visitors.

Some of the things you can do on our Culture Days:

  • Taste our homemade food and bread
  • See how wooden shingles are made
  • Check out how a raw petrol-engine works
  • Try to wash rugs with traditional soap in the stream
  • Separate milk
  • Dress up in old-fashioned clothing
  • Watch how we bake traditional thin bread
  • Take a ride with a horse-and-cart
  • Walk on stilts
  • Try playing our organ
  • Eat our local dish – palt
  • Check out how bricks were made
  • Find out how a watermill works
  • Handwash dishes outdoors
  • Split fire wood
  • Try out ”slobben” (a thick pancake baked on open fire)
  • And of course, try our delicious home-backed dessert-breads